Robin Muldor-Engram, Founder/CEO

Robin has over twenty-five years of experience providing dynamic services to children and youth. She is an award-winning educator hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In 2017, she established Peaches and Sourcream, Inc., a for profit organization, providing social and tutoring services to children in grades K-4th.  In 2019, Peaches and Sourcream, Inc. was re-established as a 501(c)3, and re-named, Peaches and Sourcream Children’s Foundation, Inc. Robin received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Livingstone College, a Master in Education from St. Joseph’s University, and a second Master in Library Science from Drexel University. She is a member of Alfred Street Baptist Church. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and mentoring children and youth. Robin resides in Maryland with her husband Wayne W. Engram. They have two adult children and a grandson

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